August 11th, 2015 Comments Off on ‘Sho’

Next up is my friend Sholeh. She’s Iranian, which gives me an opportunity to parody ‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’… Grab your own poem by donating here: https://www.justgiving.com/Tim-Leach-Dig-Deep


Come fill the cup, and let old Timo sing,
Of that fair Sho, and the joy she brings,
Yet elusive too, and seldom seen,
She’s there! Now gone, a bird upon the wing,

You’ll see her in the crowded room,
Where the hookah burns, the smoke rings bloom,
Brown eyes flash, laughter sparks the heart,
Now she’s gone, and this place is as a tomb,

You’ll hear her, where there is wine and song,
A daf is beating, a woman calls “Play on!”
And answers the drum with aching voice,
The music must not cease, the night is long,

A dancer above all, this you’ll find,
With words and thought, body and mind,
Beauty is motion, only the dead are still,
A moving phantom whom none can bind,

Years pass, no trace is seen, you think her gone,
But she shall return, where there is wine and song,
The music has not stopped,
and so the dancer dances on.



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