Early Review Roundup

A few early reviews on the blogs have come up…

5 stars and a book of the year nomination at For Winter Nights

“Hugely poignant and at times shocking but always beautifully, lyrically written…I cannot praise The Last King of Lydia enough, nor urge you enough to read it…Without doubt, this is a contender for my novel of the year.”

“This is a beautiful retelling of Herodotus’s famous tale and I don’t think I can recommend it highly enough. It may only be April but this astonishing debut book from Tim Leach is without doubt my book of 2013.”

A lovely write up at We Love This Book

“This is Tim Leach’s first book, which is a shame, because The Last King of Lydia is so good you will want to read more of his work…since Mary Renault there have been few voices that have brought the Hellenic tales to life so well, and last year The Song of Achilles swept in as a welcome return to that voice. This year, The Last King of Lydia will continue the song.”

Another 5 stars from Bookbag.co.uk

“On the surface, the book is an enjoyable adventure set in an ancient world, but the message of the book goes much deeper. Reading the story encourages a great deal of self-reflection and analysis…this is an absorbing, refreshing novel which offers something a little different to the norm.”

An enthusiastic write up  from the Falcata Times

“A novel that is thought provoking, gives the reader a story of epic proportions and wraps it up with neat prose, solid dialogue and wonderfully imagined storytelling.”

4 out of 5 from The Rocker 65 (hey, that even rhymes)

“A fascinating and rip roaring read…well written with characters that spring to life.”

You can also see the ongoing battle between the 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon here, and the Goodreads page here.

Many thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed it so far, it’s really thrilling to me that it has had such a positive early response.